To that end, they will often look for inventive canapes that offer multiple tastes in a single bite. Many brides like to plan a menu around their favorite foods. A canape menu allows for multiple tastes and favorite items to be presented.
wedding photographerMany brides want to present canapes that are centered around luxury items such as lobster and scallops. The menu will also often include other items that are widely liked such as chicken, fish and beef. Brides will also want to provide several vegetarian options for guests who are vegetarian as well as options for those who have dietary restrictions such as the need to consume a gluten free diet.

A menu composed of canapes can provide this kind of variety quite easily. The bride might opt to begin with a canape centered around grilled small shrimp in a puff pastry casing. Then follow up with perhaps a canape of mini satay in peanut sauce, a tomato tart, even several vegetable soups presented in small glasses allowing the guests to sip soup as they walk around the reception hall. A bride might opt to round out the meal for her guests by presenting them with dessert canapes. An elegant strawberry dipped in white and dark chocolate along with a lemon tart and a wedding cake can be the ideal way to celebrate a wedding and make all guests happy they have joined in with the bride and groom on their special day.